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 Steve Jobs' influence over Apple

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PostSubject: Steve Jobs' influence over Apple   Wed Oct 19, 2011 12:42 am

Presently, the entire world is shocked by the news of Steve Jobs' resignation from Apple. The Internet mourns the loss of such a tehc genius, The Apple grieved for the miss of such a brilliant leader while all of our common people overwhelmed by the s
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UGG Raya Bootadness for all about this unexpected happening. “He didn’t create anything really, but he created everything. ”- Former Apple CEO John Sculley remarked. Indeed, Apple's success or even the improvement of the tech world are closely related with Steve Jobs. His DNA was built into Apple. AndUGG Knightsbridge
UGG Knightsbridge Boot when he came back, everything fell into place
Indeed, without the hard work of hundred of thousands employees in Apple, it is impossible for Apple to grow to today's scale, but Steve is the very soul that leads all of them to the right direction and most exhilarating success.UGG Fox Fur
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Whether it be hardware of software, Steve has always pushed for perfection in the look of Apple's products, starting with the Apple II's plastic case. He has strong aesthetic sense he insisted the Mac team redesign the computer’s main circuit board because he thought it wasn’t pretty.
Jobs helped change computers from a geeky hobbyist's obsession to a necessity of modern life at work and home, and in the process he upended not just personaUGG Bailey Button Triplet
UGG Bailey Button Triplet Bootl technology but the cellphone and music industries.
Apple's first new product under his direction, the brightly colored, plastic iMac, launched in 1998 and sold about 2 million in its first year. Jobs returned Apple to profitability while pushing out an impressive roster of new products.
Steve is the definitely the very soul of Apple. It is him who makes Apple grow into the most valuable technology company in the world. Now he has to leave for health problem, this must be the saddest news to the whole world recently. Hope he would recover soon.
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Steve Jobs' influence over Apple
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